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- Ashish Garg

To My Respected Professors / Recruiters :

Greetings,We want to convey message from the undergrad students who are in their pre - final year or final year bachelors studies in Aeronautical/Aerospace/Mechanical branches and still do not have any option for their projects and thesis work because of lack of good faculties (who can guide them) or becuase of no resources in their private colleges (lab , proper softwares etc ..) or sometime not able to contact the right suited faculty of IISc/IITs/Any Organization/Private Industry etc at right time with right work areas.

We Believe

In Undergrade studies, the final project is crucial for a student from where he/she decides ( what area to choose/how to do effective research ) etc.... I (Founder) myself have seen students who was very good in technical education but because of lack of guidance at this stage they lost the path and have left education or interest.

Our Offer

We have Aerospace/Aeronautical/AeSI/Mechanical and other related branches students from private colleges who are at the stage of completion of their 3rd year or Final year. They are willing and waiting to do their Projects varying from summer intern to 6 month full fledge projects under your esteemed guidance.

Don't Worry: We will keep in mind before recommending any student to you that he should be hardworking, interesting in doing internship and in technical education, and should have good fundamental knowledge of his subjects.


If you can offer such a project as external guide to them then it would be great help to students. They will learn under your esteemed guidance as well as effectively contribute towards research.

Please NOTE: You do not need to pay any salary/stipend to the students. They just want work and guidance so that they can learn and help making future. We can refer and provide maximum of two students under one Professor for guidance/recruitment. We understand IITs/IISc offer summer interships but its very few ( the reason may be lack of funding ), But this is different from the summer intern organized by IISc/IITs as here you are not bound to pay anything to student. If you are interested please leave a message, when you can offer projects, and areas to our email Id : internships@gateaerospaceforum.com

Reason for this Initiative

It has been observed that after completing 12th Standard majority (75%) of the students struggle enormously to enter in to an IIT. The reason behind this stuggle is not that they have got lower education or knowledge level than their competitors but the major cause of this situation is the presence of relatively lesser number of IITs and seats. Due to this, they end up entering into an institution where level of education is not as high as in IIT and thereby huge difference in knowledge level arises among same students in four years. we believe that this initiative will help to bridge the gap.

To Interested Students :

This is to inform You all that we have some internship positions available in IISc/IITs/GOVT. Organization/Private Industries for hardworking , interested and qualified student for their Undergraduate thesis and Project part. For that you need to send your detailed resume to us. Gateaerospaceforum will select the resume and selected candidate will have to go through an interview by Gateaerospaceforum. If Selected Student clears the interview then we will recommend him/her to the interested Professors and in Industry such as HAL, NAL, DRDO or Private Industries and for that you do not need to pay anything to us as well as in any Industry.

Note : The duration of project will be atleast 2 months in these places and you neither has to pay anyone nor you will receive any salary or stipend ( stipend is subjected to recruiters if they want to pay you)
Interested students can send their CV, the starting date when they can join these organizations, For how many months they want to :ashish@gateaerospaceforum.com

Please Note :
1.) Its for Hard Working and Interested students,
2.) Only for Students in Mechanical/Aero related branches

Material to be submitted and Eligibility Criteria :
1.) Detailed Resume, Research Topic or Area
2.) Proposed Research Project ( Not Mandatory )
3.) Permission Document from your University to do your Project in IISc/IITs or other good place.
4.) Resume should have atleast 70% marks or in top 30 % of your class
5.) Prof of your position from your Department ( letter by HOD, certificate etc..)

For Donation towards NGO: Aashayein Foundation

Aashayein Foundation, Running by number of volunteers toward poor kids in Primary and in Secondary Classes. To know more about it click here. You can also contact us regarding this at +91-9916527401. You can directly donate via cheque/DD ( Note: no cash will entertain ) to the name of Aashayein Foundation for more details click here.




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Registration has opened for GATE(AE)-2019

New batches for GATE(AE)-2019 are starting from 31st March, 2018 at Delhi, Hyderabad and Bangalore.



For Online Tests

Registration Fee: INR 6,800

Number of Exams 48

Sectional Syllabus Tests: 28 , Full Syllabus Tests: 20 , Total Number of Tests: 48

Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore Coaching classes

Registration are open for Classroom Batches starting from March at Delhi, Bangalore, and Hyderabad for GATE(AE) - 2019.

Good news for the students joining online. There is 5% discount on the fees of classroom courses.


All India Ranks of Gateaerospaceforum in GATE(AE)-2018 ( 12, 15, 18, 19, 27, 38, 43, 46, 51, 58, 63, 71, 71, 71, 81, 87, 98, 98, 103, 103, 108, 110, 110, 116, 120, 120, 120, 129, 129, 134, 145, 145, 145, 156, 168, 187, 188, 194, 201, 209, 209, 218, 230, 238, 250, 250, 267, 268, 359, 359, 388, 390, 399 .... )