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GATEAEROSPACEFORUM was started by Ashish Garg in April,2008 after his GATE Exam Result ( AIR-01 ) with a dual mission

- to develop and nurture students' interest in Technical Education

- to provide the best preparatory tools to aid them in their endeavour.

We believe that innovation will be the key to the country's growth in the coming decades and it is imperative that there be a huge talent pool to fuel this innovation. A masters degree in engineering would not only accelerate an individual's career but also help the Indian Industry to move up the value chain. Keeping the above mentioned goals in mind, we have developed the All India Online Aerospace Test Series to help students in learning fundamental concepts

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Our foremost objective is to build fundamentals of students and clear their doubts. For that We have created an online forum " Discussion Forum " which is accessible to all Aerospace/Aeronautical students. This community is a place where all the real technical aspirants can discuss their studies/problems/doubts and ideas with each other and with us .


About GATE

    GATE is conducted by IISc and IIT's every year for graduate admissions. The exam is intended to check the very fundaments a student learn over the period of his/her graduation. Since a graduate student is expected to perform research on the very frontier of science and technology, a student with strong fundamentals can easily delve deep into the intricate and tough topics. GATE is highly competitive not for the kind of questions asked but for the number of students ( 0.5 million in 2011 to more than 1 million in 2012 and 2013) appearing every year in the exam



Gateaerospaceforum Journey so far since 2008...

    Starting with 4 official students with us for GATE 2009, now our community is reached to more than 8000 Aerospace Students in our discussion forum. Our Official registration reached more than 300 Students for their studies all across India since 2008. Very happy to say that most of them who are also representing Gateaerospaceforum as their mentoring Coaching center for their Fundamental Aerospace Studies and GATE preparations have achieved very nice ranks over the years in GATE exam. In GATE - 2013, Out of 55 students joined us, more than 35 students got qualified in GATE and out of those more than 20 students got admitted in IISc/IITs so far. In GATE - 2014, Out of 64 students joined us at Our Delhi and Hyderabad center, 34 students out of 45 students qualified and still looking to know the results of another 19 students. Hope all who qualified will get seats in IITs/IISc. Good news is for GATE - 2015, We have come up with two new centers at Bangalore and Chennai. Looking at Our student's achievement and keeping the faith alive, we are ready for GATE Aerospace - 2015 and expecting much more in coming years.


Some good saying:

  • Knowledge is the food of the Soul (Plato)
  • Beware of false Knowledge, it is more dangerous than Ignorance (G.B. Shaw)
  • Success is simple . Do What's right , the right way at the right time ( Arnold H. Glasqow)
  • Success means having the courage ,the determination, and the Will to become the person you believe you were meant to be( Swami Vivekananda)
  • Knowing your enemy is winning half the battle (Napolean)


All India Ranks of Gateaerospaceforum in GATE(AE)-2012/13 ( 04, 06, 10, 13, 21, 24, 32,45, 48, 51, 51, 62, 64, 74, 91, 117, 125, 128, 131, 154, 157, 160, 172, 178‚Äč, 196, 221, 274, 311, 320 )

Registration has opened for GATE(AE)-2016/17



For Online Tests

Registration Fee: INR 7,400

Number of Exams 48

Sectional Syllabus Tests: 28 , Full Syllabus Tests: 20 , Total Number of Tests: 48

Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai Coaching classes

Registration are on for the Regular and Weekend Batches starting at Delhi, Hyderabad, Bangalore and Chennai from January,2015 or Febuary,2015